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    I have a text field in tblCustomer named CompanyName. We are having trouble with multiple spellings of company names so I think I need to create a new tblCompanyName.

    Is there a way to copy the data in the CompanyName field in tblCustomer to a new company name field in tblCompanyName? The plan would be to scrub the data in the CompanyName field in tblRental and then hopefully copy it to tblCompanyName.


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    You could try exporting it to excel and then importing it back into the new destination table.

    - Go to the ribbon tab "External Data"
    - Click on the export to excel button (save it somewhere you can find the file, probably desktop)
    - Manipulate the data however you need to.
    - Make sure the first row in the excel sheet matches the column names in your access table
    - Go into access and back to the "External Data" tab.
    - Click import from excel button
    - Select the "append records to table" option and load them up.
    - The records should appear in access as they did in excel before the import.

    *Note - make sure that all of the columns on the excel document are ones that you actually want to import, if you don't want to import them all either name the range that you want into access, put it on a new sheet, or put the data into a new document.

    Good luck!


    {Edit - I'm assuming that you're using access 2007, if not the directions will be different!}

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    You can use an append query to add data from one table to another one.

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