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    Blocked Emails (5.0/5.5)

    My father is having a problem with the receiving of emails from a friend of his. For several years he has had no problem, but now when a message arrives it automatically sends the message to the "Deleted Items" folder. Dad does not know how this happened and doesn't even know how to set the "Block Sender" setting. I my-self am lost for a solution because I use Outlook 2000 and OE doesn't have the "Organize" button, of which I am now accustomed to using.

    Could someone please fill me in on how OE organizes email when it arrives and where in OE I can send my dad to remove the rule for sending his friend's email to the trash?


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    Re: Blocked Emails (5.0/5.5)

    It sounds like your father's buddy has been accidentally added to your Blocked Senders list.
    You can remedy that by clicking the Tools > Message Rules > Blocked Senders List.
    The Message Rules dialog box should open on the Blocked Senders tab. If it opens a New Mail Rule window, click the Cancel button at the bottom and click the Blocked Senders tab.
    Highlight the friend's address and click the Remove button.

    Antivirus programs sometimes divert all incoming email to the Deleted Items folder from anyone who sends a virus-infected message. Tell your dad to get his friend to scan for viruses.


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