Hi I have a excel spreadsheet with only 3 column's First Name, Last Name, Locations. There are 433 names, when I try to do a mail merge and print it --it doubles up on the names. It wants to print 433 sheet of 5160 labels-- when it should only be 15 sheet of labels, cause each sheet holds 30 names. Example the first page ---if John smith is the first label, John smith will be the 2nd label on sheet 2 and on the 3rd label he is in the 3rd column on my labels.
I had to uncheck all the names when it came to the Mail Merge Recipients and check only 30 names at a time, then print current page only. Then go back in and pick the next 30 names to print. I have to do another mail merge with over 4,000 names. Please help----What can I do?