Hello All,
Just a "heads up" ,as a Norton 360 user i was given the opportunity to update to v-3 . I know that there is a lot of negative comments on this forum about "Norton" security products, however in my case i have only "good things" to say about Norton. This new version (3) is awesome many new tools, and screens to "fool with" Its not a Free or a/ sharewhatever program but hey you get what you pay for. Life's too short to worry about a few buck's not to get this. The only gripe that i have had was i used "Tech support"to instruct me on how to remove their back-up icon, (from computer screen) as i use Acronis for all my back-up duties and didn't need it. Regards
Vista Home Premium SP-2/32B
HP Pavilion desk top (about 2 yrs. old)