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    Ann McKelvie

    Importing from Powerpoint (FrontPage 2000)

    I am importing a Powerpoint 2000 presentation to FrontPage 2000.

    When I do this I have a frames page which is split with one frame down the left handside which lists the pages in the presentation.

    Is there any way that I can remove this frame but still keep the navigation tools which appear at the bottom of the presentation.

    I know that you can add and remove the slide navigation tools in Powerpoint when publishing, however, this tends to remove both the Outline and the Navigation tools.

    If there is a better way to tackle this please let me know.


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    Re: Importing from Powerpoint (FrontPage 2000)

    Are you using the Save as HTML option in PPT? How are you importing?

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    Ann McKelvie

    Re: Importing from Powerpoint (FrontPage 2000)

    Thanks for answering so quickly.

    I have been using "Save as Web Page" in Powerpoint to Publish the presentation as a web page.

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    Re: Importing from Powerpoint (FrontPage 2000)

    Sorry Catherine, I did not fully reply, as well as Saving as a Web Page in PowerPoint, I am importing to my web using FrontPage's File, Import.

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