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    Can someone help a network ignoramus please?

    I have two pcs at home, a desktop (Vista 32 Home Premium) and my laptop (XP Home SP3).

    I have a Thomson Router which has allocated for my desktop and for my wireless laptop and for my Ethernet Laptop.

    I can ping by alpha and numeric from my vista pc to my XP laptop using the Ethernet connection. I can ping from the laptop to the desktop using both the Ethernet and wireless connections.
    However, I cannot ping from my desktop (Vista) to my wireless laptop).
    Have tried with and without firewall.

    I also found a reference to Link-Layer Topology Discovery issues, but the patch would not run on my xp pc saying that my system was more up to date than the patch

    I did spot where I believe the problem lies. If I ping from the desktop to, I get a reply saying Reply from destination host unreachable. This also happens if I ping by the PC name.

    I did a release/renew, and the wireless ip was changed to 67. I still get a reply saying 64 is unreachable.

    So somehow my desktop has something confusing 65 & 67 with 64.

    Any ideas how I reset this.

    My Router settings show the correct addresses allocated. All ips are allocated automatically.


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    OK, when was the last time you shut down EVERTHING?

    Well, try shutting everything down, including the modem and router.
    Fire up the modem, then the router, then the desktop, then each of the laptops.
    Do this one at a time. giving each a good chance of starting the OS.

    Now, if this does NOT improve things, you have NOT told us what "Protection" software you are running. Most firewall programs need the additional machine's IP addresses to be added in the shared world.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    This thread is a duplicate of one in Networking Your Home Post 789559. Since this is a networking issue please post further replies there.


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