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    Unable to access my itunes, it worked up until yesterday. I have been using I tunes to load my I pod, for a least 5 years.
    I reinstalled and nothing. I read the info in Windows for dummies, and rechecked all boxes as indicated in the book.
    Why won't indows recognize the program?

    Thanks for any help

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    I don't use itunes, so can't answer your question. BUT I can offer some advice that will help others to answer you.

    Please provide as much information as you can to help people fully understand your problem
    • Exactly how are you trying to access itunes, what sequence of actions do you carry out?
    • What happens when you try. Does the program run? Is there an error message? Does anything happen at all?
    • Have you changed anything at all on your PC between when it worked properly and when it stopped working?
    If you provide this information then someone may be able to help understand what has happened.

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    [quote name='ellarick' post='789674' date='18-Aug-2009 23:03'][/quote]
    By the way, Welcome to The Lounge!

    In addition to Stuart's questions, are you running (have installed) the latest version of iTunes? They update frequently so if you have an oldie, that could be the problem

    Secondly, what antivirus program do you use? The Google "pipes" are FULL of messages about AVG "attacking" itunes.

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