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    Table with following fields:


    A buyer has a transaction limit per merchant. Management wants to be able to check if a buyer is "splitting" transactions to avoid the limit. For example if a buyer has a $1,000 limit per transaction the buyer may have the merchant ring up a $1,500 transaction by splitting it to two $750 transactions. Mgmt wants to check for multiple transactions by the same buyer with the same merchant within a certain number of days (for exampe 3 days) which exceed that buyer's limit. Those transactions would then be subject to additional review.

    I anticipate I will need to write a procedure in Visual Basic to do this but thought I 'd check to see if anyone had any other suggestions on how to approach this.


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    You can create a query to find such transactions. I have attached a zipped sample database with a small table tblTransactions and a query qrySplitTransactions. The query uses DSum to total all amounts for a buyer within 3 days after a transaction, and selects records for which the total is over the limit.

    The date returned by the query is the first transaction date in the series that produces a total over the limit.

    If there are many small transactions in a short period of time, the query may flag more than one date within the same series.
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