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    I have been working on building a database for the local Kiwanis Club. In Access 2003 (2000 format).

    The club has a website. The secretary would like to be able to build something that would pull information from the Access database and place it on the website. The members would be able to go on the site, click on a link to a particular member, and then download data about that particular member. This would include…in addition to the name… the address, business, the member’s status in the club, when joined, etc.

    The link to the member would include a small thumbnail picture, to help newer members make the identification between names and faces. This photo could be embedded in the database, I suppose, but since Access works with bitmap images, this would increase the size of the database substantially I believe.

    Can anyone suggest the best way to go about this? I know that the website was built with Front Page, but beyond that I’m not familiar with building websites, or how to link stuff to them.

    One approach I can think of would be to do a mail merge into Word but there may be a far better solution.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    You had already asked this question in the Access forum. Cross posting can lead to duplication and confusion.

    Please post all replies in export Access database fields data to website; this topic is locked.

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