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    I have used the endnotes feature to create references for two different chapters, each within its own Word document, which worked. When I merged the two chapters into one document, the endnotes in the 2nd chapter were lost, and the superscript numbers in the text of chapter two remained at number 21, which was the number of the final reference in chapter one. How can I retain the proper endnote references in each chapter once I have merged these different chapters into one document?

    It's important that each chapter begins with a separate reference 1, that the numbers start over at each chapter.


    Additionally, what is the best way to insert a section break (well, in this case, chapter break) within a longer, multi-chapter document? The goal is to have any endnotes reset at the start of each section break.

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    Open one of the documents.
    Activate the References tab of the Ribbon.
    In the Footnotes section, click the small dropdown arrow in the lower right corner to display the Footnote and Endnote dialog.
    Select "End of section" from the dropdown list next to Endnotes.
    Select "Restart each section" from the Numbering dropdown list.
    Click Apply.
    Save the document.
    Repeat the above steps for the other document.

    Now, before inserting the second document into the first, insert a section break.
    To insert a section break, activate the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.
    In the Page section, click Breaks.

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