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    I'm trying to create a small brochure. I have three pictures that serve as backgrounds.

    Picture#1 should go to pages 1, 4, 7, 10 etc.
    Picture#2 should go to pages 2, 5, 8, 11 etc.
    Picture#3 should go to pages 3, 6, 9, 12 etc.

    Question #1: how do I do this? The brochure is not that long, so I'm OK with my current solution which is to place each one "Behind text" and in "Picture Position" I selected "centered on page". I de-selected "Lock Anchor" and "Move Object with Text".
    Still when I copy and paste and manipulate text, sometimes a picture suddenly diappears. How do I really fix then in place without text impacting them? Guess it might be better to add the picture as part of a footer (or header) in the same way. To make the three pictures alternate, I should then add section breaks which then prevent my text from flowing to the next page etc.

    Any suggestions?

    And then, there's an additional 'twist' which will be my Question #2... each picture is grayed-out to serve as background on each page as indicated above, however... on each of the three pictures there are four smaller areas that are not grayed out and that I what the text to flow around (AND these four areas are different for each of the three pictures).

    OK, sorry, I won't make it any more difficult

    I 'cleared' these areas my adding a drawing canvas in the text around each of the four picture pieces that need to remain visible. Problem here (too) is that I can't make these graphical elements stay in the same place if I start typing, editing and copying text... I'd really need these to be fixed on the page too! (I do have "Absolute Positions" set on the page for each but still they sometimes seem to move or change I think).

    A completely different solution is fine as well; I'm still exploring what I can do here.

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    A desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Pagemaker (or its newer cousin Adobe InDesign) might be more suitable for such a brochure than Word.

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