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    is there any way to automatically pull data from the www into an excel spreadsheet?

    The source of the data: Dream Team


    The data set can expand as the season continues.

    I would be interested to see if this is possible. Thanks
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    You can use a web query:
    - Copy the URL of the web page from the address bar of your browser to the clipboard.
    - In Excel, select Data | Import External Data | New Web Query...
    - Paste the URL into the Address box.
    - Scroll down to the table that you want to import.
    - Click the little arrow to the left of the table. It'll turn into a check mark.
    - Click Import.
    - Select the cell where you want the upper left corner of the table to appear.
    - Click OK.

    You can update the table by clicking the Refresh Data button on the External Data toolbar.

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