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    We are using Exchange 2005. One user is using Outlook 2003 and one Outlook 2007. The one on 2003 is a delegate of the other one and sends meeting requests to IT staff on behalf of the other one. The message goes out, people respond. Then a day or 2 later the message mysteriously appears in everyone's mailbox again without anyone sending it. Sometimes this happens a number of times. Sometimes the person on Outlook 2007 initiates the meeting request for several people in IT and the same thing happens. Sometimes they use a group request and sometimes they list the members individually. Neither person has rules setup. The meeting is recurring but they also tried sending it out as a one time meeting.

    I am stymied as this has happened a number of times in the last week.

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    [quote name='jfrasier' post='790194' date='21-Aug-2009 14:23']I am stymied as this has happened a number of times in the last week.[/quote]
    Possibly related: Yesterday, someone sent an invitation to 3 large distribution lists. It somehow got resent about a dozen times before the original sender canceled the meeting. This ended the pain. (We run Exchange 2003.) We have no explanation for that event, and because so many people were involved, we were not planning to track it down. Maybe it was something in a recent round of updates??

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