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    I am trying to send information from the current form to an MS Word template using the following I found in the book Mastering MS Access 2003.

    I get an error on createwordobj "sub or function not defined". If objdocument is being defined as the word document, how should I define createwordobj?

    Private Sub cmdSendLetter_Click()

    Dim objdocument As Word.Document

    'Launch word
    If createwordobj() Then

    'Make word visible
    gobjword.Visible = True

    'Point document object at a new document based on the template
    Set objdocument = gobjword.Documents.add_(CurrentProject.Path & "\")

    'Populate bookmarks
    With objdocument.bookmarks
    .Item("First").range.Text = Nz(Me.First)
    .Item("Last").range.Text = Nz(Me.Last)
    .Item("Address1").range.Text = Nz(MeAddress_1)
    .Item("Patients_City").range.Text = Nz(Me.Patients_City)
    .Item("Patients_State").range.Text = Nz(Me.Patients_State)
    .Item("Zip_Code").range.Text = Nz(Me.Zip_Code)

    End With
    End If
    End Sub

    THank you for your help!

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    CreateWordObj must be a function that should also be listed in the book; you should copy it into a module in your database.

    The function creates a Word.Application object and assigns it to a global variable gobjWord; you should declare this variable at the top of the module:

    Public gobjWord As Word.Application

    See the book for details.

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