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    I have created a pivot table from some sales data. I would like to further summarize the data, but when I try to insert a calculated item I get an Excel error saying 'There are too many records to complete this operation'.

    The calculated item I am trying to create subtracts the amount in 'INVENT-OUT' from the amount in 'SALES' in the CODE field on the attached sheet. This is actually only a subset of the data.

    Once I create the item, nothing can be done to the pivot table until I delete the calculated item. I just get that error message.

    Am I trying to use this incorrectly? Is there a better way to summarize this information?

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    With three row fields, there are far too many categories - your pivot table is not really a summary any more. You should limit yourself to one or at most two row fields.
    Alternatively, you could import the data into an Access database and create queries to summarize the data.

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