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    Several years ago I created an Access application and since then have been bringing it forward as each Access version is released. I have run into no compatibility problems until Access 2007. While virtually all the system’s features (database definitions, forms, queries, reports, etc.) function as on the previous release, the single database maintenance form does not. In Form View and in Layout View every database field on the form is labeled “#Name?” And, in VBA code that references any of those database fields, the debugger generates a Can’t-find-the-field error message (error ‘2424’).

    Can someone please tell me what “#Name?” attached to every field on the form signifies? I’ve read books, searched the help system, searched the net, searched Woody’s Lounge (!), and I can’t find a definition. I have changed nothing since Access 2003.

    Thank you,
    John Littell

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    Are you up-to-date with service packs and patches? Quite a few bugs in the original release have since been corrected.

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