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    Word printing problem with text boxes

    I am using Word 2000 on Windows NT and printing over a network to an HP1120C. My document is a brochure that includes a small screenshot (captured and sized using PaintShop Pro) to which I have added arrows and 7 pt. Tahoma text labels in text boxes using Word. (I tried doing it in PaintShop Pro, but the text was illegible at the size I needed it.) This all prints just fine on another printer here, the HP5P. However, I want to print it in color, so am printing to the HP1120C. When I print it there, all of the brochure prints fine except for the text labels in the text boxes. Those just disappear. I tried printing it to several other printers, including the Canon BJC-240 and the Adobe Acrobat Distiller, and the text labels also do not print in those cases. They only seem to print to the HP5C. We have the latest printer driver for the HP1120C. I have several times verified that the text labels in front of the graphic, and the have grouped the screenshot with the arrows and text boxes and made sure that the whole shebang has a layout option of "Square with text." I don't know what else to do to make these text labels print on the HP1120C, and they do print on the HP5, so I think it must be a printer driver issue. Any ideas? Workarounds? Thanks.

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    Re: Word printing problem with text boxes

    A possible workaround would be to position the text using tables (with no borders) instead of textboxes to position the elements.
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    Re: Word printing problem with text boxes

    I did move everything into a table, and that works. It was a hassle trying to align everything, but it looks good now, and it prints! Thanks!

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