I'm looking for a utility that would be able to compare the "file modified" timestamps of pairs of files on two identical directories held on different NTFS devices, and display the time difference between them to the 100 nanoseconds precision afforded by the NTFS file system.

An alternative would be to display 'file modified' timestamps of pairs of filenames to a precision of 7 decimal places in the seconds field, as in 2009/08/23 06:25:38.1234567 (which is the same 100 ns resolution previously mentioned).

Ideal would be a display of pairs of files on one line:
File_ 1_timestamp File_2_timestamp Difference
as to 7 decimal places of seconds.

This is the sort of comparison which is done by file backup/copy utilities like ROBOCOPY when deciding whether a file in the source directory is 'newer' than the corresponding file on the target directory, and should therefore be copied across. There is even a ROBOCOPY switch to deal with the 2-second granularity of the FAT file systems. Unfortunately the time differences cannot be displayed.

What I'm after would be a pretty esoteric utility, but I cannot find anything relevant on Google searches. Anyone?