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    Macro test if Checkbox checked (Word 2000 SR1)

    I'd like to have a checkbox in the leftmost of a 3-column table, and when I check it, a macro is launched that adds and formats a row below. However, if the checkbox is already checked so that clicking turns it off, I do not want it to add the new row).
    That is Plan A. Any other plan that accomplishes the purpose will work, ie, enables a respondent to check an item, and if so, to answer in narrative text below the question. Currently, the checkbox, the paragraph number, and the question are the three columns on each row, and we want any answers to be distinctly hilited (hence the notion of a new row, with the answer surrounded by a box.
    Thanks for any help available.

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    Re: Macro test if Checkbox checked (Word 2000 SR1)

    Take a look at the Checkbox Template downloadable from <A target="_blank" HREF=> my download page</A> ( This is a tutorial and an "Add-In" that can make adding one kind of dynamic checkbox to your documents a lot easier.

    This uses a macrobutton field instead of a formfield checkbox so a protected document is not required. It also uses AutoText to hold the macrobutton fields and replaces one macrobutton field (unchecked) with another (checked) using a macro. You could add your macro language to these macros for your template.

    Hope this helps.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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