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    How to set the computer to turn itself on at 7:00am and turn itself off at 11m?

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    [quote name='Dennis' post='791407' date='31-Aug-2009 01:08']How to set the computer to turn itself on at 7:00am and turn itself off at 11m?[/quote]
    You can power on a PC only if the BIOS includes this option. This happens usually only on business-class PCs, like the Dell Optiplex.

    You can shut down a PC by setting up a scheduled task to run the Windows SHUTDOWN command, or use a third-pary utility like PsShutdown.

    You can arrange for the PC to go into Standby or Hibernate after a period of inactivity (see Control Panel -> Power Options), which might be a btter solution to your requirement.

    Interestingly, if you cause the PC to Standby or Hibernate, you may need to wake it up before your scheduled task cuts in at 11 pm to shuit down the PC, if that's what you want. (I say "may" because I haven't tried it...)

    My tests some time ago showed that in Standby mode, PCs will use less than 2 Watts of power, and in Hibernate mode the power consumption is almost unmeeasureable by the equipment I had (i.e. less than 1 Watt).

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