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    I have used Excel for some time now and have created queries and saved the query off with a seperate name or simply just saved the worksheets. Is there any advantage to either way? I am querying into an Oracle database and the data refresh takes longer than I would like. Would saving the query to a specific query name speed up the retrieval process? Or any other suggestions. I have tried optimizing the query to take advantage of key fields but the data refresh still takes up to 5 minutes or more to refresh.

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    Sorry about the late reply, I don't know if it's still relevant. I don't think it really matters whether you store the query in the worksheet or in a separate file. If it takes so long to execute, it's probably due to the size of the data, the complexity of the query and/or the connection speed. You might be better off creating a view in Oracle, and linking to that view in Excel. This means that the SQL will be processed on the Oracle side instead of on the Excel side; this should be more efficient.

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