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    Distribution Lists not Distributing (Outlook XP)

    Our organization has several external staff working in various council offices. As such, we have a Distribution List with all these staff members included.

    Any member added by being chosen from an Address Book gets added with a little grey icon.
    Any member added by clicking the 'Add New' Button gets added with a little green icon.

    All the people with the Green Icon get mail sent to them; all those with the grey icon don't get mail.

    Can someone explain the significance of the different-colored icons and why people with the Grey Icon in a Distribution List don't get their Mail?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Distribution Lists not Distributing (Outlook XP)

    Well, people added from a personal address book are picked up only from the PC that has it in its address book.

    Probably, your green icons come from the global address list, which is available to all.

    I say you'll need to manually "synch" everyone's PABs from time to time or have your mail admin create a group account with a "group" PAB.

    Hope I've made sense--it's not easy today.

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