I recently installed Windows Live Mail, and am having a difficult time importing email from OE 6.

Window Live did initially import my email, and most were fine, but a great many messages couldn't be opened. I couldn't delete them, but was able to individually transfer them to the Junk folder and get rid of them there. That's a separate issue, though, and not one I'm concerned about, particularly if the problem below can be addressed.

I've tried to re-import some email from OE 6, selecting specific folders, but am having no luck.

I select Import/Messages/from OE6. I follow all the prompts, and get a box that says "importing," and shows the messages being imported. It completes the process and says, for instance, "30 of 30 messages have been imported." And then I click "Finish."

But I can't find any messages. I look in Storage Folders/Imported Folders -- but there's nothing there. The most I get is that under "Imported Folders" is another folder that says, "Imported Folders (1)", but it's empty.

I've tried this numerous times, with different folders to import, and it's the same results each time.

I have OE6 and Windows Live Mail version 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.0206).

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.