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    The other evening while we were checking our incoming e-mails, a security warning alert window suddenly popped up on our screen that listed several items that were categorized as "critical" security items.

    The alert window presented a button to delete these items, and another button to immediately stop all internet communication. We didn't think it was triggered by the incoming e-mails since they came thru reputable sources (Yahoo mail and a known friend) and didn't have any attachments. But the alert looked like it was a bonafide Vista-generated window (although I don't know for sure, since nothing like this had ever popped up before so I don't really know what they look like), so I clicked both buttons (the disconnect button assured me that I could re-connect by right-clicking on the network icon).

    Now, I can't reconnect to the internet, and Vista is acting like I have to go thru the whole process of setting up a new connection from scratch (rather than utilizing the existing settings).

    Also, I don't know how to re-generate the original alert window either (so I can't re-examine it more closely and tell you the names of the viruses that were presented).

    Did I fall for a viral hoax that tricked me into deleting something important, or there is something else I need do to restore my original connection?

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    Welcome to the Lounge.

    It sound suspicious to me, but I couldn't be sure without more information. What antivirus software do you run ?? Is it up to date ?? Do you use a third party firewall ?? If so, which one ?? Are you running any anti-malware software ?? If so, which ones ??

    Do you recall what these "critical items" were ?? Were they deleted to the Recycle Bin ?? Have you tried doing a System Restore back to a time before you were checking your email that day ??

    Lots of question, I know. But the answers will help us to help you.
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