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    The title says it.

    I sometimes need to put equations into my reports. In general, the equation itself is the same, but the actual numbers listed are different.

    Excel of course can do the math. But is there any way to link the equation editor to cells in the spreadsheet?

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    Not as far as I know, sorry.

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    [quote name='HansV' post='793738' date='17-Sep-2009 10:41']Not as far as I know, sorry.[/quote]

    Well, that was what I expected. But as with discounts at the store, if you ask, the worst that can happen is that the answer is no.

    I was sort of hoping that there was some sort of sneaky way of doing it. But even if there was, sometimes getting Word or Excel to do something is more work than simply doing it the regular way.

    THanks for the answer

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