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    In find the Recently Used File List very unreliable in Access 2007.

    A large proportion of my recently used files don't appear there. I can't see any pattern in what I observe.

    I often have multiple instances of Access running at the same time. I wonder if that is the source of the problem.

    It is not a big deal, but I was wondering if anyone else had observed the same thing.

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    I work in 2007 about two-thirds of the time these days, and I can't say that I've seen anything very unusual in the list of recently used files. I don't work all that often however with two or more instances of Access running on a single system. When I do, the recently used file list contains what the last instance recorded, assuming that all instances have been closed. I think it works pretty much the way all the Office apps behave in that regard. But it can get confusing when you open one instance, then a second, then close that one, and open a third, then close that one and then the first one. You typically won't see the second and third databases that were opened.

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