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    This weekend i started on a new asp classic project and managed to get a connect and read from Access 2007. however, on attempting INSERT INTO, the system gives me a syntax error on the SQL. I copy the SQL from the asp page and open Access 2007 and do a query with the SQL, works fine...

    so, is there something i need to do specifically with respect to Access 2007 to get around this? I did save as... to 2003. one thing i noticed, and this is why i'm thinking it's Access, is 2007 auto-blocks objects on open unless I specifically tell it not to do that (if that makes sense).

    Access file permissions currently sent to EVERYONE -- all settings available. development machine is Vista/latest SP and IIS 7.0. this will be deployed out to the webserver which is likely not to be Vista


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    What format is your 2007 database, ACCDB or MDB?
    Also, have you set the trust settings and the Macro Security? That is probably what is going on with the "auto block."

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