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    I am having some problems with and need to (I guess) start from scratch. I deleted and let Word re-create it. I changed the 'Default' font to Verdana & set the margins as required by the company.

    But, I have found a problem where he bullet indentation is different from numbering! I don't know why. Now, if it was a style, I would just edit the style to make the corrections. But, how do I make the change for the bullets to have correct indentation in Word *permanently*. The user would enter a normal para and then click the numbering or bullet button as required. I ma hoping not to make too many changes to the but provide a specific template where required but numbring & bullets need to match in Thanks.
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    You should avoid the Numbering and Bullets buttons on the toolbar, and the Format | Bullets and Numbering menu option.

    Always use styles to apply numbering or bullets - see for example How to control bullets in Microsoft Word.

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