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    OK folks. Fall, is here. Or spring if you are enshrouded in red dust.
    It's time for the bragging rights as to who(*) is making use of the oldest DOS-based program on a regular basis.

    This year we have three sub-categories: daily, weekly, sometimes during the year

    My entries:
    Daily: by Art Hill 1987. A little tickler program that makes me seem clever to people who are amazed that I can remember their wife's birthday, or one of their ex-wives wedding anniversaries.
    Weekly: by ??? circa 1985. Arguably the best DOS utility EVER. I use it whenever I drop to a DOS command window to zip up a set of files with PKZip25.exe.
    Year: QSortL.exe by ??? circa 1986. A means of sorting large (hence the L) text files very quickly. Great for the output of a DIR C:\ /S command.

    (*) Entry is restricted to those aged 40 or over. Under-40s don't have a clue as to what real computing is about.

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    [shakes red dust off]

    Far too esoteric for me, Chris.

    I've just got back from Melbourne and the Grand Final weekend. So far too intellectual for me as well.

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    [quote name='chrisgreaves' post='794546' date='23-Sep-2009 13:22'][/quote]
    Most of the ones I use on a daily basis, like IBM's PC-DOS 'E' text editor, LIST and QSORT, had updates in the early '90s so don't qualify under your criteria. Similarly the (now XP) command prompt utilities/filters like FINDSTR, which I use in BATch files...

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