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    "For complete details, see Appendix E." is in a report, and I want to create a hyperlink on "Appendix E" so it will direct the reader there. I highlight the term, right click, and choose Edit Hyperlink. Edit Hyperlink configuration screen opens, and, from the Place in This Document Link to:, I choose Appendix E from Bookmarks. Nothing happens. Reopen config screen, and this time choose Appendix E from Headings. Nothing happens. (Headings and Bookmarks are the two drop-down options in the "Select a place in this document:" window in the Edit Hyperlink configuration screen.

    What's going on here?

    The workaround, which is annoying, is to paste a working hyperlink in the report into the place I am working with, and then change the wording and the link to match what I want. This sucks though, and shouldn't be required.

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    You are going about this the hard way.

    On the references tab you click cross-reference and then insert a reference to the Heading "Appendix E"
    You can follow this cross reference by holding the Control key when you click on it.

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