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    In a Microsoft Word document (I use 2007 but the file is in 2003 format), I want to number pages using i, ii, iii and start with i on the second page of the document. Help says make the first page different, and then start the page numbering at 0 (or something like that), but with i, ii, iii when you try to enter 0 it says that this format must start with 1. Is there a way to do what I want? Even if I make sure there's no footer (which is where I'm displaying my page numbers) on the first page (which is marked as different), I still can only get the second page to start with ii.

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    Don't use "First page different" here.
    Insert a next-page section break at the end of page one.
    On page 2, activate the header or footer where you want the page number.
    Turn off "Same as previous".
    You can now set the numbering to start at i for this section.

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