Hi all,
Due to a persistent problem preventing me from reading incoming messages in all of our Outlook 98 clients, I'm trying to use OE5 instead as an IMAP client of an IMAP mail server (which seems fine).
I quickly found access to all our IMAP shared accounts EXCEPT... that OE5 does NOT allow me to see ANY folder beyond the 2nd level after the account's root folder.
Eg. I can see Customer / Customer name and read its contents, but NOT:
Customer / Customer name / Project name (or any level beyond). We currently use up to 4 or 5 levels.
Note that I CAN create a folder at level 3 like: Customer / Customer name / TEST.
I also can move a message in it, then read it.
It also works fine for Customer / Customer name / TEST / TEST2 / TEST3.

My second and last question is, OE5 does not seem to display all newly created folders like Outlook98 did.

Any help greatly appreciated,