this pertains to downloading from a gamesite.i've had no problems for the past 8 months and now for some reason i keep getting "access violation error oxooc21ec" (tried to read from ox80502f6a)". program terminate. at first i figured my computer didn't meet the requirements for that particular game.
so i've tried several including previously successful ones and keep getting the same message.the game downloads to the game manager but the error comes up during activation and push to play mode. i have also noticed that i can't access my "help and support " program for windows,it acts like it's going to open then the hourglass just disappears and nothing happens. search registry doesn't help it says it's "not running". i have also noticed that some of my keys don't
do what they task manager key opens up screen properties,my windows key opens the stat menu and none of the "f" keys work.i am obviously very
naive when it comes to computers and have no idea how to proceed.i've downloaded and tried registry cleaners from the internet but they don't seem to fix anything. even though it says it's fixed errors found i still seem to have the same ones.the game site seems to have given-up,i tried with there suggestions a couple of times but now they won't respond. any help would certainly be appreciated. this is all new to me including e-mail sending.