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    Looking to see if it is possible to merge a particular record in our database to a already created publisher template?

    We have upto 8 text / number field that we want to populate a publisher file on an individual record basis. Each record contains unique text to place into the fields. At the same time, we also have upto 6 photos that again are specific to the record, which the file paths are stored within the record.

    Would I be able to acheve this from access 2000 to publisher 2007?
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    You could create a query or temporary query that returns the record that you want to merge, and use that as data source for the mail merge in Publisher.
    But as far as I know, Publisher has no way to include pictures whose path depends on the record to be merged, unlike Word where that is possible. (In Word you'd use a MERGEFIELD inside an INCLUDEPICTURE field but Publisher doesn't let you manipulate fields this way)

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