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    When printing reports directly to PDFs using "Docmd.OutputTo" some lines (inside graphics) appear dashed. When the report is opened and printed to Adobe PDF or when the report is queued directly to a printer, the lines are not dashed. (I even tried opening the report first and then using the option within "Docmd.OutputTo" to print the active object, but to no avail.)

    Has anyone experience this and/or does anyone know what to do about it?

    Attached is an image of two graphics- the left image does not show any dashed effect, while the right one does. The effect is much more pronounced when printed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Apparently noone has an idea. It's probably a limitation/bug of the new convert-to-PDF function in Access 2007.

    Since Adobe Acrobat doesn't have this problem, you have a workaround. You could also use Stephen Lebans' Report to PDF (free).

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