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    I am trying to put in a relative reference to a cell in another worksheet. However, every time I remove the path to just keep the file name, Excel puts it back. Same if I try to put ".\".

    A sample of the formula is:

    =ROUNDUP('C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxx\My Documents\[File.xls]2005'!G7300,2)

    How can I make this reference something like:


    since the file is in the same directory?


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    As long as the other workbook is open, Excel will only display the workbook name in the formula.
    As soon as you close the other workbook, Excel will display the absolute path in the formula. You can't prevent this.
    But if you move both the workbook with the formulas AND the workbook the formulas refer to to another folder, the formulas will be adjusted automatically when you open the workbook. So you don't really need to worry about it.

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