I recently upgrade the users folders server (NT4 sp6) to a Win2K Server, and installed the Macintosh services in it, but, since then the macintosh user cannot see her folders or files. I also change the PDC, to a new one, including a new domain name. Following the same installation procedure from the last PDC (NT4 sp6), and all the services for Macintosh running, the only thing I could imagine is something missing in my W2K server. What else should I need for the Macintosh to see her files and folders? <img src=/S/crybaby.gif border=0 alt=crybaby width=15 height=15> <img src=/S/read.gif border=0 alt=read width=19 height=33> <img src=/S/igiveup.gif border=0 alt=igiveup width=31 height=23>