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    I have a user who can only open Word and Excel files if she opens Word or Excel first and then opens the file. If she browses to the file via explore, and double-clicks the file, a blank word or excel program opens (without the file). Then, when she closes the program she gets an error saying the program is not responding.

    Any ideas?

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    For Word:
    - Quit all instances of Word.
    - Select Start | Run... (or Start | Search... in "Vista).
    - Type

    winword.exe /r

    - Press Enter.

    For Excel:
    - Start Excel.
    - Select Tools | Options...
    - Activate the General tab.
    - Make sure that the check box "Ignore other applications" is clear (not ticked).
    - Click OK.

    If that doesn't help:
    - Quit all instances of Excel.
    - Select Start | Run... (or Start | Search... in "Vista).
    - Type

    excel.exe /regserver

    - Press Enter.

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