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    On my home computer, the tree in windows explorer starts with my documents and then lists drives in ascending order c, d, e, etc.

    My work computer shows my documents way at the bottom of the tree and on some screens (like file open or file save) the drive letter sequence in inverted and/or out of order.

    Does this difference go back to registry settings?

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    [quote name='tfboni' post='799073' date='20-Oct-2009 21:51']Does this difference go back to registry settings?[/quote]
    For the Explorer part it's a policy thing (a registry setting, as almost everything), I think; I guess more or less related to showing or not the "My Documents" folder on the Desktop.

    Anyhow, this is done easily with the help of the MS Powertoy Tweak UI for Windows XP.

    See this post and thread: Post 558344

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