A copy of a message I have just emailed to one of my beta-testers.
I sent her a Color003.ppt this morning with some macros.
She was to test my macros on one of here PPT presentations .....

LC> That was fun! I have attached the unchanged PowerPoint I played with to see how it worked. I got a few error messages but overall it worked well. I had to grin when I realized that the 'hand' on the second slide was a wingding so the color kept changing.

You are an evil sadistic end-user!
I just spent two hours trying to determine WHY my macros worked Just Fine(tm) when I stepped through them in the Visual Basic debugger, but crashed (with the same error I'd just fixed five minutes ago) when I ran them from your presentation with Tools, Macro, Macro.

I'm not the world's brightest, you know.
I'm a thin spread short of a sandwich, and even then only with a blunt knife.

Turns out you had pasted one of your presentations into my Color003.PPT and sent the renamed Color003.ppt back to me.
When I stepped through my corrected/functioning macros in my copy of Color003.ppt, everything worked fine.
But when I ran the macros from "your" presentation, I was running my decrepit old macros from this morning.

(Goes to bed gritting teeth ....)