This is a followup or continuation of a pretty long thread at Post 795412 in Security And Backup. The question is addressed here because I'd like to hear from an RTM Windows 7 user who is running the MSE program.

I realize I haven't gotten my RTM copy yet and am running the RC but that's why I'd like to know what's happening to MSE users with the RTM in place.

As I mentioned elsewhere I don't have Windows 7 running every day and that will probably continue after I install the RTM next week. BUT, I do have automatic updates turned on and am running MSE.

Today, when I booted to Win 7 after a several day absence, the automatic updates brought me up to speed wonderfully with no intervention on my part. So, that's as I would expect it to do. However, the little MSE icon was green and upon opening the software it said I'm up to date with a signature file dated October 19th! However, when clicking the update button, a new signature file was installed with today's date (October 22)! And, if the number of the file is any indication, there have been a number of updates since the October 19th one which it "said" was up to date.

If it's performing that way for those of you running the RTM, I don't plan to install MSE when I get my RTM copy and will continue with Avast. Thanks for any input you can provide. An antivirus program MUST be kept up to date automatically, every day even if that requires multiple updates.