The Win7 Upgrade advisor says that the Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI) is not compatible with Win7. This is what I have found out so far:
  • Gateway support says "The Intel Management Engine Interface enables communication between the host OS and the Management Engine firmware. MEI is bi-directional, and either the host or Intel AMT firmware can initiate transactions." When I asked what that all meant they said since the computer was no longer under warranty they couldn't help and I should contact Intel.
  • The Intel site has user boards where I posted a question but have yet to get a response. It appears that most of the questions asked don't get much of a response.
  • Gateway does have a BIOS update and (I think) a MB update for my machine.
  • There is an item in Device Manager for the IMEI.
My questions are:
  • Should I just select the IMEI in Device Manager and update the driver? That seems "safer" than updating the BIOS but since it is listed under System Devices, I'm not sure I should touch it.
  • Would updating the BIOS update the IMEI?
  • Can anyone interpret the Gateway explanation of the IMEI for me? Maybe I don't need to do anything.
Note that I did partially ask about this in another topic but that post was more about general aspects of doing the clean install for Win7.