The Lounge server will be down on Thurs., Oct. 29, 2009, for a major upgrade. The downtime will begin at approximately 10:00 a.m. New York time/2:00 p.m. London time and last at least the rest of the night.

The reason for the scheduled maintenance is that we're finally ready to update our underlying technology from IP.Board version 2.0 to 3.0. The server conversion should last less than 12 hours, but it might drag on for 24 hours or more, so be sure to rent a stack of DVDs to watch, or whatever your preferred means of recreation may be. (Who knows, maybe a lot of babies will be born nine months from now.)

An upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 may not sound like a very big jump. But the plumbing of the IPB platform has so totally changed that a complete rewrite of our server software was needed. No, the rewrite ain't yet perfect -- but it's good enough! That means we can start getting the benefits of the shiny new 3.0 platform by the end of this week.

During the maintenance period, we have to convert every thread from the old data format to the new. No, we won't be retyping all 700,000 posts by hand. But the automated database transform alone will consume 7 hours of the downtime. We won't even be able to go out for dinner, because we'll be too busy pressing the Any key.

After the conversion, we'll double-check everything to make darn sure that every bit of information made it through the grinder safe and sound. This won't be like some Lounge disasters from many years ago, in which everything was lost and the community had to start over from scratch.

I'll post more information in this thread as soon as we know more details. If you have questions, please reply here and we'll try to answer them. Thanks!