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Thread: Sheet codenames

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    I'm working with a workbook where one of the sheet tabs is named "DCI Data" with the space. I had changed it to "DCIdata" by removing the space, then discovered somebody else has some formulas in it that require that specific name with the space. So I went into properties and changed the (Name) property of the sheet to DCIdata without the space. The references within that workbook work find, but I have a reference to it from another workbook that I'm having a problem with. It's calling that sheet to fill a list box in workbook_open. I wrote this code before I changed the name back to "DCI Data", and need to know how to modify it now that the codename has changed to DCIdata:

    Worksheets("QueryDate").lstTo.ListFillRange = "[real1.xls]DCIdata!$B$6:$B$1696"

    Thanks in advance.

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    The value ListFillRange should be a string with a reference as in a formula in the interface, so you should use the tab name, not the VBA (Name) property:

    "'[real1.xls]DCI data'!$B$6:$B$1696"

    (note the single quotes)

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