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    I have a copy of Office 2007 Home & Student installed on three machines, as per the H&S license. Since H&S doesn't include Outlook 2007, I also have separate copy of Outlook installed on two of these (one desktop and one mobile), as per its license.

    I recently acquired a copy of Office 2007 Enterprise through the Home Use Program, with the intent of installing the copy of Outlook on the one machine which doesn't have it now.

    So I now have three product keys for three different license types. I'm thinking about installing Access and Publisher on one of the machines which currently has H&S and standalone Outlook on it. I'd rather not uninstall the components that are already in place. Should I be concerned about having Office components on a machine using three different product keys? Can I install one component from the Enterprise edition on one machine and other components from it on another?

    Or should I install Access and Publisher on the machine that currently has H&S and standalone Outlook and then reset the product keys so that everything on that machine uses the Enterprise key?

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    I would uninstall the Home version from one machine and install the Enterprise version there. Mixing apps can cause lost functionality (e.g., the recent thread on the Outlook board about themes and stationery problems when adding Outlook to a Home version).

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