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    If I wanted to write a small sub to be used as a macro and I knew exactly which of the ribbon commands (or menu items) I wanted to use, how would i find the exact VBA command to use in my code? Most of the time I am fortunate enough to find existing code I can modify but sometimes I cannot and need to do it from scratch. But where do you look for this information?

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    I'd record a macro of the actions that you want to include. You will probably have to edit and clean up the result, but in most situations it will give you a good idea of the code that you need. The macro recorder has its limitations though - not everything can be recorded.

    To record a macro:
    - Activate the Developer tab of the ribbon.
    - Click Record Macro in the Code section.
    - Provide a name for the macro.
    - Select "This document" from the "Store macro in" dropdown.
    - Click OK.

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