Woody's Lounge has a whole new look from a major software upgrade on Oct. 30. We hope everyone survives the shock.

The developers at WindowsSecrets.com -- including Dan Engler and Tony Johnston -- have been helping to rewrite the Lounge code, slogging through page after page. It's nowhere near finished. But it's a start! And you can take advantage of it:

Look for new "Very Informed Person" (VIP) badges.

We used to call a Lounger with special knowledge a WMVP ("Woody's MVP"). Now, he or she is simply called a VIP, which stands for "Very Informed Person." That's easier to remember and to say. And it's easier to recognize posters who have a little extra something.

Better search results.

Until the software upgrade, our search engine couldn't query terms that were 3 characters or under, like add or hit. We've fixed that limitation. Now, you can find terms as few as 2 characters, like XP. But some terms of 1 or 2 characters are still invisible to the search engine, like IT. Grr-r-r. We'll dig still deeper into the search software and re-configure all these rules.

Speaking of fixes, we have a lot left to do. If you find something that's not working, be sure to sign in, and then post a new thread in our Feedback to Admins forum. Our crack team of coders will put everything on a priority list and squash them bugs flat.

We already have the following KNOWN ISSUES on our plate, so don't worry about reporting these:

-- The Lounge Lobby and the forum view have new colors, but the other pages don't yet.
-- You can't change colors (but you CAN increase the font size in your browser).
-- Parts of the help text and other pages need to be made consistent with our updates.
-- Empty content areas on the right and bottom of the some new pages will be filled.

Thanks for your patience as our developers cope with thousands of lines of our IP.Board software platform and more than 700,000 comments from the past 10 years. If you see a bug you think we don't know about, please notify us using the "Contact an administrator" link at the bottom of the page. We're typing as fast as we can. Thanks!