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Thread: Oddity In Post

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    When starting a reply with quote to, there seems something odd in the middle of the quote:


    Looking at the page source, there seems to be an errant bit of code:


    but whether or not this was included intentionally by the poster, I do not know, but it shows up in the reply quote:

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    Brian Livingston
    This is an HTML tag that's used to display an image. It's possible that the poster intended to insert an image, or clicked the insert button by mistake, and then went on to not specify any image. If so, the person might not have backspaced over the now-empty IMG tag.

    If that's what happened, I'm not sure it can be fixed via programming. If it's a true mistake, a Moderator could edit out the empty tag. Ideally, HTML should not display anything on the page when a tag is empty, and if there's a way to work around that programmatically, we'll try to do so.

    Thanks for reporting this.

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