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    Report Query Joins (Access 2000)

    I have a report whose data source is a query. The query does a one-to-many join between the master table and the detail table. The problem is that, whenever a query joins the master and the detail, it duplicates the information contained in the master fields, thus attaching the same master information to each of the detail records it retrieves.

    I need to know how to indicate in the report that I only want ONE occurrence of each master record, and that I want all the detail records belonging to that master record to show up in a SUBGROUP.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Steve Weber

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    Re: Report Query Joins (Access 2000)

    One way is to use the Sorting and Grouping feature in the report. You can create a header for the group on the field from the master table and put the information from the master fields in that header. Then put the fields from the detail table in the Detail section.

    Another alternative is to use the HideDuplicates property of the controls in the Detail section. For the fields that get repeated from the Master table, you can set the HideDuplicates to Yes, and it will print that information only for the first record.

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