Everyone was back in the WS office today. We felt somewhat rested over the weekend, after the Lounge came back online on Oct. 30 following its downtime to upgrade everything to IP.Board 3.0 software. The developers are still weary from the 33 hours that the conversion process required (with a bit of sleep in the middle). But Dan, Tony, and I are now slogging as fast as possible to examine and swat configuration issues with IPB 3 that need tweaking.

I'll add comments at the end of each individual thread that's been posted in the Suggestion Box forum tomorrow. In the meantime, the following is a quickie report on 7 issues that have already been fixed, plus 2 subjects that work fine when tested here in Seattle (so maybe one fix had the effect of fixing something else).

1. All words in thread titles were being capitalized. Allow me to go into more detail on this issue than on the ones that follow. This subject is a great example of something that looked fine when IP.Board 3.0 was setting itself up, but turned out not to be as advertised. The new IPB 3 has a setting labeled, "Prevent shouting (ALL CAPS) in titles." Sounds good who wants to see titles in all caps? but the way it actually works is to change every word to have an initial capital letter. In addition, the letter 'S (after an apostrophe) was being capitalized, etc. What a horrible algorithm. It's been fixed. Postscript: if Mods see a title that still has every word capitalized, please edit the title to "downstyle" or sentence case (only the first word and proper names are capitalized).

2. XLS and DOCX icons were missing. The icons have been restored.

3. Timestamps were being displayed as though a wrong time zone had been entered. This required us to hard-code into IPB a fix involving the relationship between UTC (GMT) and the Member's home time zone. Done.

4. User avatar tooltips read "View %s's profile." Hand-editing of IPB 3's language strings was needed for this one. How come this was never reported to IPB by a user before (or why didn't the company edit it in the first place)?

5. Join data was labeled "123:". The label now correctly reads "Joined: [date]".

6. "Interests" should be removed from profile in thread view. Done.

The following are 2 of the subjects that are mysteries:

1. Links are not working in some people's signatures. The sigs seem to be fine for most people. We can't find any pattern for those who report that a link didn't work after the upgrade. As a workaround, entering the link again seems to make it OK.

2. Number of e-mail notices sent out about threads should be reduced. This may be a case in which "one e-mail per response" was selected by the Member when what was really wanted was "delayed response." The latter sends only one e-mail notice per visit, not one per reply in a followed thread.

Don't reply to this thread, which is merely an announcement. Instead, start a new thread in the Suggestion Box if an issue that was fixed recurs, or if there is a new issue that should be reported. Thanks!